Ismaila Mustapha, better known as Mompha, a popular Nigerian businessman, has responded to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) announcement that he is wanted.

The anti-corruption bureau made this information public on Wednesday via its Twitter account.
It has asked Nigerians who know Mompha’s whereabouts to come forward or contact the local police station.
“EFCC wanted: Ismaila Mustapha.

” Anyone with information about his whereabouts should contact the EFCC or the nearest police station,” the EFCC stated.

Mompha’s response was to accuse the EFCC of corruption. He went on to say that the agency is a “charade” and that he has realized he cannot seek justice “within this corrupt-laden system.”
Mompha also questioned the EFCC’s decision not to arrest Nappy, his alleged accomplice. He claimed that the agency “extorted money, automobiles, and landed properties from Nappy” as the reason for this.

Mompha maintained that he was correct and that he had only given money to Nappy as part of his normal Bureau de Change business.

My bail was revoked because I was never absent from court, but fortunately, the Judge released me on a temporary basis again, and I was summoned to court a week later.
All of these facts, particularly the EFCC’s blackmail and intimidation, led me to the conclusion that I could not obtain justice within this corrupt system, as the EFCC was hell bent on extorting money from me for a crime I never committed, as was the Judge, who was ready to return me to prison custody without any evidence or basis.
More importantly, to demonstrate that the EFCC is a sham, the so-called Nappy with whom I was alleged to have engaged in fraudulent activities was never declared wanted.The EFCC extorted money, cars, and land from Nappy, but instead claimed I wanted to generate cheap publicity. I was never involved in any illegal activity or crime; I only paid Nappy in the normal course of my BDC business, and I had no idea whether or not he was involved in any illegal activities.
Finally, entering into a plea bargain with the EFCC was obvious.which they wanted to force me into at any cost, means I’d be convicted for a crime I didn’t commit and thus become an ex-convict, and this is what the EFCC set out to achieve with me in order to generate more social media publicity, hence the desperation in falsely declaring me wanted and misleading the public.I want the general public to know that I am not wanted by the EFCC, but rather by a court-issued bench warrant for my appearance in court on the next court sitting. I did not steal from anyone or engage in any money laundering, and I still don’t understand why the EFCC is so desperate for work that they want to tarnish my image. @officialefcc is the last international court to hear this case.




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