Self-acclaimed relationship expert Blessing Okoro aka Blessing CEO has shared the reason why she believes ladies cohabiting with a man will not make the latter interested in marriage.

Blessing Okoro who recently mentioned that men clamour for marriage that women said, it’s always disadvantageous to the unmarried woman.

The influencer advised young ladies against cohabitating with men especially when the relationship has no future saying it’s why some men never take the bold step of marrying them because they have what they would have married for.

According to her, some men are just with some ladies because they are vulnerable and always available and not because they love them, hence as a woman, if you move in with a man who hasn’t married you, it’s a disadvantage for you.

In other news, Soso has dished out a pivotal parenting advice to parents.

Music executive, Soso Soberekon is advocating for home training of male children as he believes there is an increase in the number of ill-mannered men out there.

The music executive took to his Instagram page to share his thoughts, urging parents not to focus solely on training the girl child. He wrote:

“Parents must also prepare male children for marriage, not just the girl child. Many husbands lack home training.”

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