A woman identified simply as Susan has shared her regrets about marrying her husband after she found him cheating with other women on their wedding night.

Susan met her husband in school. The man worked for a big company, and they both were members of the same church.

He proposed to her after dating her for months, and the two began planning their marriage until her financial situation changed.

Her fiancé made no financial contribution to the wedding anymore and stopped paying attention to her.

They still got married. She said that during their honeymoon, the husband did not attempt to have physical contact with her and was completely busy with his phone.

When he went to sleep, she discovered, on his phone, some unbearable text messages between her husband and a variety of women.

She admitted to regretting her marriage to her spouse, believing it was the worst mistake she had ever made.

Susan urged women to take their time before they got engaged. “Partners these days are more compatible with their phones than with their spouses”, she said.

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