Popular media personality, Latasha Ngwube, has reacted to a video of dancer Korra Obidi vowing never to put her relationship online again.

The mother of two, whose four-year marriage to American doctor Justin Dean recently hit rock bottom, vowed never to flaunt her relationship online again while recounting the role of netizens in her marriage crash.

In a viral video, Korra admits that flaunting her relationship online contributed to their messy split.

According to her, while she and Dean were still together, some jealous social media users would slide into his DM to complain about her, and this eventually led to their split, five days after the birth of their second child.


“Me, if I have another bae, I will never put him online, you people will destroy it like you destroyed my first marriage. I remember those times someone will go and email him; look at what your wife is doing everyday, how will he not run away how will he not tell me pack out of my house five days postpartum”, she said.

However, reacting, Latasha opined that Korra’s making the video is enough proof that she hasn’t learnt her lesson.

She urged her to move in silence, enjoy her own company, and stop feeding netizens with details about her life.

“Sweety even the fact that you’re making this video says you haven’t learned your lesson. Move in silence, enjoy your own company and stop feeding the onliners. Nourish yourself and work towards a beautiful life. You’re talented and strong, but social media is clearly your weak point. P.s. take responsibility for your actions. You overexposed yourself and your family but affliction need not arise a second time if you’re wise.” She wrote.

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