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You Lied to Me Just to Sleep With Me: Lady Calls Out Broda Shaggi for Taking Advantage of Her

    A young lady has got people talking on social media after she called out popular comedian Broda Shaggi over their failed relationship The lady identified as Adewalespicyjay on Instagram said that Shaggi told her he loved her just to sleep with her Adewalespicyjay also added that the comedian dumped her when he got tired of her and ignored her for another girl

    Just like September, the month of October is starting to look like it will not be scandal-free as popular comedian and actor, Broda Shaggi has been dragged on social media. A young lady identified as Adewalespicyjay took to Instagram with a post revealing that dating someone like the comedian is unexplainable.

    Broda Shaggi has been called out

    He lied to me The whole drama started when Mr Macaroni made a post claiming that he is saving himself for marriage and Broda Shaggi noted that he had decided to do the same, a sarcastic comment Adewalespicyjay failed to figure out.

    The young lady in her post questioned why the comedian would lie to her just because he wanted to sleep with her. Not stopping there, she slammed the comedian for lying about keeping himself till marriage after they had had several intimate sessions together. Adewalespicyjay also added the after Shaggi took advantage of her, he started ignoring her because he was tired of the relationship and went for another girl.

    Nigerians react


    “So she think say Shagi serious about the vir*gin thing or she just dey find way to blow?”


    “He was obviously joking so why the clout?”


    “Obviously, the girl has been looking for a yardstick to drag him before, cos clearly he was being sarcastic with his statement.”

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