A young girl was nabbed and ruthlessly beaten by residents for allegedly stealing a generator in the Warri area of Delta State.

According to a report by Warri Aproko, the incident occurred at Lori- Igba street, off Deco Road on Sunday night, July 3.

The report shared how the suspect’s accomplice escaped leaving her to the mercy of angry residents in the area.

“Area gbab two girls way go thief generator for Lori gba. The two girls tell Keke man say they won carry their generator go iyara,”

“So the Keke man con follow them reach there the two girls enter the compound go thief the gen come out. The Keke man con ask the girls say who get gen the girls say na their own. As them dey talk one woman way dey stay the area con they ask from afar wetin una dey carry for there. Keke man con still dey ask where una take carry the gen.

“As the Keke man dey ask the woman dey waka come there, one of the girl run and before the other girl say make she run too Keke man con hold her. Na there area take begin show her better love.”


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