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Zoie Burgher Biography

Zoie Erena Burgher (born November 29, 1995) is an American gamer, YouTuber, and streamer.

She is a well-known media figure who rose to prominence as a result of the famous streaming platform Twitch.

Luxe Zoie, as she is called among her followers, has been embroiled in various disputes over her extremely sexual material.

Zoie Burgher

Zoie Burgher: History, Bio, Photo

Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name:Zoie Erena Burgher
Stage Name:Zoie Burgher
Born:29 November 1995 (age 26 years old)
Place of Birth:Miami, Florida, United States
Height:1.65 m
Siblings:Robin Oliver
Husband • Spouse:Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner:D’Angelo Taylor
Occupation:YouTuber • Streamer
Net Worth:US$500,000

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Early Life

Zoie Burgher was born Zoie Erena Burgher in Miami, Florida on November 29, 1995.

Robin Oliver, her younger brother, was her best friend growing up. Burgher had a strong enthusiasm for dancing since she was a youngster, and she would routinely compete in dance contests and social events.

In today’s environment, social media platforms have become significant sources of revenue for people all over the world. One of these persons is Zoie Burgher.

Apart from the fact that she has a sibling, nothing is known about the stars family and childhood (Robin Oliver).


Zoie Burgher enrolled in Arizona College after finishing high school in Miami, where she studied for one summer season before moving to Florida State University. Her major was politics and international affairs.

However, after a short time, the YouTuber dropped out of college and stopped studying. Her interest in politics, however, has not waned.


Zoie Burgher began using social media in the year 2013 while at university, but it wasn’t until 2016 that she became well-known.

There was a lot more going on beneath the surface than just being provocative with her material. She was banned four times as a Twitch streamer, but after discovering a feat on YouTube, she quickly surpassed one million views in a matter of months.

However, in recent years, that figure has remained unchanged. She had also attempted to launch her own little label, Lux, in which she clearly put a lot of effort.

One way to describe Zoie Burgher’s material is provocative, thus it came as no surprise when she was taken off, even to Zoey.

She, on the other hand, did not appear to be worried. Zoie Burgher appeared unlikely to be the first twitch streamer to be sexually provocative. There had been plenty before, and there had been plenty since; but, she was the first to acquire considerable traction from it, and there was no ambiguity about it, unlike her contemporaries. She was well aware of what she was doing.

Social Media

Zoie Burgher has a sizable social media following, which isn’t surprising given that vlogging is her major source of income.

Zoie Burgher Personal Life

Zoie Burgher, a well-known internet phenomenon, is presently dating D’Angelo Taylor, another well-known YouTuber. However, despite the fact that the two often share photos of themselves together, there is little information about their encounter.

D’Angelo is the father of two kids from a previous marriage. In 2016, he and his wife officially divorced.

Zoie Burgher Net Worth

Despite the scathing criticism she has received from the start of her online career, YouTuber Zoie Burgher remains one of the most productive, if controversial, content providers on the network.

Zoie Burgher’s current net worth is believed to be over US$500,000, based on the large number of followers she has on her many social media sites.

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